Best Place To Buy Kratom: KratomIslands Review

There are suppliers and then there are vendors. Some vendors are better than others as you may be aware of. But finding the right vendor could end up costing you more than you want to spend.

So how do you find a trusted, reputable and quality vendor for your Kratom needs? This review will show you exactly how by reviewing Kratom Islands. Here’s what you need to know in finding the Right place to buy Kratom.

About Kratom Islands

Kratom Islands is a vendor/supplier out of Pensacola, Florida. They sell powder Kratom to many vendors across the U.S. and are also politically involved in combating the DEA’s push to ban Kratom in the U.S.

This particular vendor believes in their quality as their farmers harvest each strain of Kratom with a rigorous process. They guarantee their Kratom to their buyers from the assurance that all Kratom products are vacuum sealed and through a temperature controlled unit.

So far, so good.

Website Setup

It’s a very simple design with no impressive features or plug-ins to enhance the user experience. Aside from that, the site is very easy to navigate as it optimized in categories and pages.

Each page is clear and uncluttered, while the products are labeled appropriately with information, reviews, and description. They also share a “Kratom benefits” section which is handy for those on the fence about using Kratom.

It was also nice to see how active this company is with preserving Kratom. They have a “Save Kratom” section, where they actually provide a letter template, that you can fill out and mail it to those in charge at the FDA.

Payment Methods

You can shop with Kratom Islands using the following: Skrill, Paypal, Amazon, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard.

Shipping And Returns

If you aren’t satisfied with your product, you do have up to 14 calendar days of when you receive the product to return it for your money back. This shows the customer that they value their business and trust.

Most orders are typically received rather quickly at 2 days. They don’t appear to have a “same day” shipment.

Product And Variety

You can buy one blend they offer, which is four veins which is a sampler pack at $49.99, but the bulk of their product is powder Kratom.

They have a nice but limited selection of Kratom overall. They keep six strains of Red vein Kratom available. These include: Super Indo, Red Borneo, Red Bali, and of course, Red Maeng Da.

For their Green Vein, they have only 3 choices available and that is: Green Maeng Da, Green Malay and Green Bali.

They sell a White Maeng Da and a Yellow Cambodian as well.

While the variety is limited, the product quality is definitely superior. Most customers in the testimonial section raved about their received products.

For the lack of Kratom strains, you do get a variety in sizes.

Price And Sizes

Kratom Islands doesn’t sell Kratom capsules, but they do offer plenty of options in the size area.

One Ounce: $14.99

Two Ounce: $25.99

Four Ounce:$42.99

Eight Ounce:$72.99

Half Kilogram:$119.99


We found their prices to be very affordable and fair. An ounce in the Kratom industry typically can range from $12-$20.

The Verdict

Kratom Islands is a simple yet effective option for your Kratom needs. They don’t have nearly the selection that Happy Hippo Herbals or a company in that tier does.

For a smaller size Kratom vendor, Kratom Islands prefers quality over quantity and with their simple page layout, fast page loading speed, and an easy to use shopping interface, Kratom Islands deserves to be one of the best kratom vendors for your Kratom requirements.